Project Description

Real Estate that’s Personal and Professional

Specialising in selling houses and downtown Calgary condominiums, Alain Michaud is a successful Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX. To reflect this success and stand out among other agents, Projech took a more personal approach in designing Alain’s logo.


Knowing Alain is an artist, and civil engineer, with impeccable skills in drawing realistic images and portraits, Projech incorporated a hand written font, using a rich black palette with a stroke of gold on top. This pointed towards Alain’s drawing talent, building trust in him as an individual, but also to the high-end homes that he sells. His logo presents a distinctly unique and classy look through the artistic brush strokes, while inspiring an emotion and trust when looking the image. The logo speaks to the individual behind the name Alain Michaud.

Next Step

Once the high end, artistic tone was set with the logo, we proceeded to designing a similar WordPress website. Again, drawing on Alain’s artistic and civil engineering background, Projech used Alain’s CAD and 3D drawings, by incorporating a 2D schematic drawing of a home floor plan as the background of the website. Additionally, the site was built to be extremely user friendly, including MLS search capabilities. Through the use of an content management system (CMS), Alain is able to upload new online content and SEO information for updates.


With the great response that Alain receives through his logo and website, Projech continues to develop materials, such as presentation folders, feature sheets, thank you cards, etc. This also provides consistent across all of Alain’s marketing materials. With Alain’s positive reactions to all materials from his clients, he has been quick to refer Projech to friends, clients, and colleagues.