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Project Description

Making a Delightful Iconic Personality

The Gummi Boutique is a novelty candy store in Calgary’s Kensington and Marda Loop areas, selling rare and hard to find items like Japanese chocolate bars, giant Gummi Bears, unicorn head masks and so much more. Having two physical locations and an online store, they were looking to develop a visual identity that was iconic, easy to replicate, and recognized across age groups. As they put it, “who doesn’t like candy and chocolate?”


Projech came up with a very minimal and simplistic Gummi Bear icon as it kept to the store’s established personality, but could also be easily replicated on promotional materials, as well as sized nicely for online social media profile pictures.

Next Step

Once Gummi Boutique approved their new logo, we were asked to develop an E-Commerce website that was colourful, fun, and easy to use, both for the buyer and the seller. By building on the characteristics of the logo, we created a bright, easy-to

[use site that created trust for the buyer, while allowing the client to easily upload new products and manage sales from the backend.


The website has become extremely successful, receiving orders from right across Canada. In fact, Gummi Boutique is thrilled to say that their most popular online product is the World’s Largest Gummi Bear weighing at 5 lbs and 12 in tall. For buyers, the trust that the website builds for the Gummi Boutique brand is huge…literally!

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