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Chris Gover – President

At an early age, I learned my first lesson about doing great things with people. My parents realized I liked to draw. And I don’t mean doodling to pass the time. Sure, I copied Marvel comics and I drew mazes. But I handed those mazes out to the neighbours to solve, determined my design would be good enough to foil them. I drew interior spaces to teach myself about perspective. I didn’t just like to draw. I was passionate about drawing. Seeing this, my parents encouraged me. After graduating top of my design class, I worked my tail off for some goiod design and marketing agencies with big and varied clients. Wanting to slow the pace a little, I moved to a Marketing Coordinator position with a large company. I worked with sales and product managers, something I’d never thought I’d be doing when I graduated from design school. The Marketing job was interesting but I missed the variety of clients I’d had at the design firms. Maybe it was the young maze designer in me who saw the solution – because what I did next had never been in my grown-up plans. I started my own business. I could attract the variety of clients I loved. I could do sales, marketing, and creative all at the same time. Best of all, I could collaborate with eclectic and talented people. When I get to bounce ideas around, get excited about other people’s ideas, get them excited about my ideas, and feel that mutual encouragement, I am in my element. My parents taught me what can happen when you have the right people encouraging you. My success today – the best work I’ve ever done - [...]

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Alan White – Designer

Alan White always goes above and beyond in creating designs for his clients. Bringing over a decade of experience as a Graphic Designer, Alan has completed communication design projects for clients in Nova Scotia, across Canada, as well as internationally. He is able to clearly communicate with his clients, ensuring that he understands what the client wants and the client understands what he is doing. Having obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Design from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) University of Halifax, Alan applies both his theoretical and technical knowledge with his hands-on expertise across a range of industries. However, he is specialized as an environmental graphic designer and takes pride in being an active member of the Society of Environmental Graphic Design. At the end of a long day working on client projects, Alan is still found making art. Simply put, he is a practicing artist. Creating everything from paintings to using technology to create new art forms, Alan is always developing images, graphics, and beautiful artwork. He loves to tie his passion for science into his artwork, giving his art a unique twist because of his science understandings. Just a truly unique individual, Alan finds inspiration in everything, sharing his ideas with the world through his graphic design work, his artwork, and his conversations.

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