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Project Description

Classy Design With Unique Functionality

Kyle Stone Real Estate is a unique project, with an interesting challenge. Kyle Stone is a Real Estate Associate of Sotheby’s International Real Estate, yet wanted a site of his own, separate from the Sotheby site. While this is allowed, the trick here was to design and develop a logo and brand concept that spoke to Kyle’s unique agent style and target audience, while still meeting the branding guidelines set forth by Sotheby’s, the Real Estate Brokerage.


Projech worked with the font and colour scheme of Sotheby’s logo, allowing Kyle Stone Real Estate to still be recognized as an associate of Sotheby’s, yet stand on its own, setting him apart from other agents of Sotheby’s. Once the logo concept was approved by Kyle and Sotheby’s, Projech developed Kyle’s individual website,, reflecting the clean, professional and refined brand of Kyle.

The website incorporates real time MLS listings and map search capabilities, a homepage with big impact pictures and animations of the types of home and clients Kyle works with, and is optimized for Mobile Devices, allowing clients to easily view Kyle’s website on smartphones and tablets. In addition, Kyle has backend access to his own website via a content management system (CMS) allowing him to manage, edit and upload new content and listings. All of this, while still following the Sotheby’s brand standards.


Projech successfully developed a brand that stood apart as Kyle Stone Real Estate, but still similar enough to be associated with Sotheby’s International. As all design must be approved through the Real Estate Brokerage, Projech was essentially working with two clients at the same time, making them both happy to approve the designs he developed.

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