For Chris Gover, Projech Design Communications boils down to creating great client experiences through high-end design. Chris loves creating, but not just design. He takes pride in cultivating relationships with all his clients, building trust through open and honest conversations. It is this ability to create long-lasting trusting relationships, along with his unique style that Chris has built his career on over the last decade. Growing Projech Design through referrals, relationships, and success stories has all happened because Chris helps his clients achieve the quality they want.

When not designing or spending time with his family, Chris writes, plays and records music. Having played guitar since he was 15, he now plays lead guitar in a band called The Blue Canoes. Every Thursday, Chris and his band mates get together and rock!

Well-rounded, Chris takes inspiration from his everyday life and transfers it into his work. This allows him to look at his clients from angles they may not see, helping him better connect his design to their goals.