Project Description

Developing A Memorable Brand

A unique concept in a fairly new market, SoilBag is a company that delivers high quality soil and mulch to home owners through an online ordering and delivery system. Soilbag’s main clientele are women who have a knack (and most likely a love for) gardening. To best speak to their clients, Soilbag required a logo, business cards, and an E-Commerce website built on a user-friendly WordPress platform.


Projech wanted to recreate the experience of gardening that readers have when working in their gardens. Using colourful images of flowers and female gardeners to speak to the main audience, readers are able to quickly connect to Soilbag, as they “relive” the feelings, joy, and love of gardening. This connecting builds trust in the company and trust in the site.

From there, “Order” buttons were placed in clear view, letting the customer know how to easily and safely place an order online.


By developing a site that is beautiful and functional, clients quickly established trust within Soilbag, feeling comfortable placing their order, and credit card number, online. So much so, that in the first week of the site’s launch, 10 orders were placed.